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Note: Some Important and useful links below to pay the Tneb online payment
First of all let us think a bit and wait for a while before moving from your home to pay the tneb online payment and waste lots of valuable time by standing in queues which is very risky activity. And thats the reason tamilnadu state government has introduced online payment method in madras which was in july 1 1957 under the section of 131. And it came across now and divided into two parts Tneb/Tangedco on November 1 2010. And Now this process is helping us very much to pay the electricity bills very fast with in few clicks.

What you will learn here:
1. How to pay Tneb online payment from your android mobile or through PC from your home itself.
2. Please Read the below article before paying the bills or you can watch the video.
3. You can also click this link to download the android app.
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One who wants to check the Tneb Status.
1. At first you need to have a valid Username and Password for the purpose of login.
2. If you have your own Username and Password then you can directly login to the home page by clicking this link.
3. And if you doesn't have your own username and password user should create his/her username and password by clicking on New user button.
4. And now you should select the region to know the status of area wise.
5. After selecting the region user should give their consumer No. e.g. 600056287 and then click on Detail Button.
6. Now user can check their username & password.
7. For further steps please refer this link along with the screen shots which helps you much better.

Wait a bit? If i say online payment then in peoples mind there will be plenty of questions about money and the payment process. So that's the reason tamilnadu government has slightly changed its process to make people understand well and very easily with the help of guidelines as per the request of users/new. Here are the answers to all of your questions.

Tneb Online Payment Click Here

Tneb Get Reading Details Click Here

Tneb Know Your Service Number Click Here

Tneb Account Summary Click Here 

Tneb Status Click Here

Tneb Bill Calculator Click Here

Tneb Tenders Click Here

TANGEDCO  Click Here
(Tamilnadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited)

TANGEDCO Service & Bill Details Click Here

Here are the answers to your questions..!! is the main page of Tangedco. A link will be present for online payment that leads to another website. In this site, the registration of a new user is available here. Choose this option and enter the required information. The service no detail will be available in white counter card or in previous invoice receipts. Choose the region exactly. An automatic e-mail will be sent when submitting the registration and upon confirmation by the link on the email, the user is said to be successfully registered at that time. Note * If the service number you are trying to record is already registered by another consumer, you will get the message "Consumer number already registered" when recording. Always if you want to register this service number for your account, enter the new user name and your e-mail identifier and register a complaint. An e-mail will be sent to the already registered user to permanently delete his / her account. If he has not yet deleted his account at this time, the system will check the use of his account for recent transactions and if no transaction has been made by him for the registered service number, his account Will be deleted automatically within 7 days and an Inquiry email will be sent to you to make a new registration.

1.What is the consumer number mean?
The consumer number is the service number available in the white meter card or in the previous bill receipts.

2.How to key in the consumer number in the New User Registration page/Form?
The consumer / service number has to be entered in that box provided for this purpose. If the details accessible in the White card are not legible or is not verify to the requirement, kindly check the example. 
Example: If the service number written in the card is 8 - 8 - 8, then the service no is 0080088.

3.Which region do i belong?
The first 3 digit of your consumer no is your section code. Kindly use my region link to find your region.

4.Is an e-mail id required?
Yes. Without a valid e-mail id, registration cannot be successful.

5.What happens if enter a wrong e-mail id?
Kindly take care to correctly enter the mail id. If entered wrongly, the confirmation mail can’t be received. Without confirmation through the link in the mail, you may not be able to login to your account anytime.

6.What happens if i did not receive the confirmation mail?
May be you have entered a wrong e-mail id. Your mail is sure to bounce and the registration details will be abandon if the mail rebounces. And later you can retry registration with a proper e-mail id. Else check your spam e-mail in the Inbox.

7.I want to change my consumer number after registration. Can I able to change it?
No. You cannot change the service no which you used at the time of registration. If the service number need to be modified for the user already registered due to shifting of house, purchase of new house etc , the user has to delete the online user account using the support option and make a fresh registration with the new service no. Any no of extra service numbers can added/deleted using the Add Service Nooption.

8.Is it possible to adjust my username?
No . You can't change username once you registered. by choice you can cutoff this account through link and make a new registration.

9.I receive the message "Invalid Consumer No" when registering?
If the message "Invalid Consumer Number" has been Displayed, make sure the status of your service in the billing status link, it must be "LIVE". Also check if a new number has been assigned. If this is the case, go to the recording with a new number.

10.Payment/How to pay using debit/credit card?
You can pay using credit / debit card of any one of the bank listed under (Any Master / Visa credit card or Debit card of the following banks can be used for making payment) And you can also from the 'PAYMENT GATEWAY by selecting one of the available gateway whose bank charges are displayed.

11.Can I pay for multiple services? Can I pay for owner / tenant / friends?
You can pay for any number of services. The service numbers. can be added using the Add Consumer No button.

12.How do I control bill payments?
You may need to periodically check the status of the invoices available at For registered consumers, a mail is generated as soon as the reading is available from the field.

13.Should I print the payment receipt each time?
Not essential. It is only for the purpose of record. You may view payment report in the login and also bill status in web site by clicking the links provided. 

14.There is no entry made in the white meter card if I pay online. Is it mandatory to go to the section office for making entries?
No. The payment details will be available in the database.

15.When will be data available in the site?
Details will be uploaded to the affected regional servers the next business day.

16.What to do if the receipt is not generated / the error page is displayed?
After a successful transaction, if the error page is displayed instead of the receipt, please check if your bank account is already debited from the previous transaction amount before attempting to pay again for the same service number. If you are charged, do not try to pay again for the same service number. The receipt will be sent to your registered email address within a reasonable time after receipt of confirmation from the Bank. You can also view the receipt in the payment report in your login.

17.My transaction fails. If I try again, he says he's already paid. What should I do?
The transaction is broken and will be reconciled automatically within three business days. Check your bank account. If it is found debited, do not try to pay again for the same service number.

18.What is advance payment and how will it get adjusted?
Consumers who do not have outstanding dues and regular assessment can make advance payments. The amount will be adjusted automatically in subsequent evaluations.

19.I paid Advance Payment. How should I check for subsequent adjustments/balance?
In the Invoices Status Report => Monthly Consumption Charges Collection Details => The Early Amount column represents the adjusted amount relative to the advance paid. In the Invoice Status Report => Miscellaneous Collection Details => The Amt Pending column represents the balance available on the paid advance.

20.What should I do if I forget my password/username?
You can recover your password through "Forgot Password"/รข€Forgot Username link in the login page.

21.What is ASD and why should I pay?
The adequacy of the security deposit (DD) will be reviewed once every two years in the case of LT consumers after taking the interest due for the available credit. If the available deposit is less than the security deposit examined, the balance will be processes as further security deposit. If the bal is not paid on time, the service is responsible for the disconnection.

22.Where can I check my CC Deposit amount paid?
All payments made to the deposit can be viewed in the status of the invoice => Miscellaneous offering details => Account description = 38000- Deposit.

23.How do I get an alert for other service numbers in my ID?
Use the SUPPORT link update / addition tool to modify / update the e-mail ID and get a mail alert.
I have voltage fluctuation, my counter is running fast / not working / reading is not done, etc.

24.Where should I complain?
For complaints other than invoicing, please contact the relevant section office. Alternatively a complaint can be made by => Reach Us => Consumer Complaints.

25.What billing cycle do I belong to?
The TNEB assessment of the energy consumption for LT consumers is carried out on a bi-monthly basis. If the evaluation is done during the month, you are from the Odd cycle and conversely. To find out your billing cycle, see the status of consumer bills.

26.Can I pay the penalties online?
If you do not pay the amount on time, your service connection is responsible for disconnection. However, if it is not disconnected, you can pay per line with late fees. If the service is disconnected, please contact the section office to reconnect.

27.What is the procedure for obtaining the EB (White Meter Card)?
If the white counter card is lost, you can get closer to the office of the section and get a new card on payment of Rs 5/-If the card is full and there is no space to enter the evaluation, the same will be issued free of charge. The address in the Web site appears to be incorrect. Address corrections must be made at the section office.

28.What to do for name transfer?
An application must be submitted to the appropriate section office with supporting documentation. The name will be transferred to the new owner upon payment of the necessary transfer fee. Details can be found under Miscellaneous Charges in the billing service pricing table at

29.Where can I find the tariff details?
This could be found in the statute of the bill.

30.When I select the consumer for the payment message displayed is "PREVIOUS ASSESSMENT NOT DONE"?
This means that no evaluation entries have been made by your local EB office for two billing cycles, namely the current cycle and the previous cycle. In this case, the prepayment option will also be blocked and the consumer will only be able to pay after having read the update by the relevant section office.